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Our main achievement is our team of professional experts who have been trusted advisors to their clients during some of the most memorable events in our recent history. Through their work in hundreds of cases across multiple industries, we aim to provide fact-based, thoughtful interpretation of complex legal, financial, management and business issues.

LEXON BLITZ founders were pioneers of consulting and trusted consultants to some of the most influential persons during important stages in their business development. Our experts built efficient business systems spanning across law, finance, marketing, communications and information technologies during major market and political transformations, which set the course of development for the entire economic system in various sectors for decades to come.

Only such top-ranking experts on daily basis advise our clients, supporting development and ensuring prosperity of their businesses worldwide.

Throughout their advisory experience, with their competency and authority during business evaluation and advising, LEXON BLITZ team address extremely complex tasks and projects. That includes:

  • Projects worth over 1 billion Euro;
  • More than 49 countries span;
  • Leading world-level experts with 13 to 40 years work experience;
  • Experience of working in some leading international jurisdictions – Russia, USA, Italy, India, China, UAE, Singapore;
  • Dealing with comprehensive and complex assignments, including strategic management, corporate finance, securities, complex business deals, FIDIC, Joint Ventures, intellectual property strategy and protection, working with holding groups, and more;
  • Best Russian and global qualification – most of our experts have science degrees, Master’s degrees from the best international Universities, including Berkeley, in Law, Business and Management;
  • Operational background at Ernst & Young, Mackenzie and some other leading consulting companies;
  • Experience in implementing projects for companies like RusHydro, PRADA FOUNDATION, LOUIS VUITTON, ALROSA, and others.


Support of large-scale projects worth over 1 billion EURO. In particular, two projects (more than one billion Euro each) – Shatura and Surgut GRES power plants, first combined-cycle power plants in Russia. Projects involved supervising of legal and administrative project management, combining the legislation of USA (GE), Turkey (GAMA), Germany (E.ON) and Russia (OGK-4) with the aim to ensure a timely and proper completion of construction works in compliance with the contractual requirements. Making sure the company meet all the requirements for taking part in these projects in Russia; Russian and international compliance.

Regulating domestic and international disputes by taking part in the creation and development of victory strategies in court cases. As part of this project our experts dealt with broad range of issues including those related to activities on construction sites, representation and protection of the contractors’ interests against the authorities (including health and safety, environment protection, SRO, safety requirements at particularly hazardous industrial facilities, interaction with supervisory agencies, including Rostechnadzon, Gosadmtechnadzor, etc.), obtaining all necessary permits, licenses and clearances.

Organization of important political events involving the most influential persons in the energy market, including the launch of Shatura project with Igor Sechin, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.

International deals and largest transactions involving the legal norms of various jurisdictions, including EPC contracts, FIDIC-based agreements, joint ventures, etc.

Advising on search and selection of self-regulated organizations (SRO), full support during joining those organizations, complete administrative and legal support of this issue, including the choice of SRO for the needs of a specific project and tender, preparing all necessary documentation, certification of staff and workplace, bringing the company into compliance with the entrance requirements, up to actually receiving the Membership Certificate, and further support and monitoring of participation in SRO. Enabling the client company to take part in tenders in excess of 500 million Euros.

Representing their client’s interests when organizing PR and marketing events in Russia, developing short-term and long-term (for several years) PR and marketing strategies, adapting event budget to the company’s requirements and capacity, performing market analysis and research, identifying opportunities for improving business climate within the company and increasing its competitiveness.

Protecting client’s interests in the court, including court of appeals and review of the case at the Supreme Arbitration Court, ensuring 100% victory in cases supported by our experts.

Developing new business development strategies and expanding client base, strengthening the company’s presence on the market, developing strategies for acquiring target shares of the market.

Complex negotiations with the competitors, potential partners, signing of mutually beneficial partnership agreements; mediation, crisis management in challenging situations.

Launching new business divisions for client’s companies including projects from «0». Close coordination with the client companies’ top executives. Providing outsourcing resources for the entire range of objectives faced by the top managers, including legal, accounting and marketing issues, as well as executive search and selection, up to the beginning of operational activity of the unit in question.

Consulting companies on the issues of working with FFMS (FSFR), organizing internal audit and reporting service, including hiring and training the necessary staff.

Adapting investment products to the requirements and rules of the Russian administrative and legal regulations.

Addressing various issues in the area of HR: developing internal regulations and standards, including those for foreign companies on the territory of Russia, adapting client companies’ international HR policies to the requirements of the Russian legislation, dealing with the authorities on respective issues, executive search and selection for the new business directions.

Launching projects in new business directions, opening full-cycle affiliates and structural units in India, USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, UAE, China and other countries, including registering and purchasing companies, selecting, replacing, dismissing staff, building international structure, creating accounting and reporting system, setting up remote administration, ensuring compliance with the local regulations regarding substance, business transparency and business processes, and securing access to production areas with limited access and requirements regarding the presence of a local co-founder, partner or a completely local company. Today our experts have the resources to address these issues in 49 countries worldwide to find and provide to clients representatives and partners at the local level and in target 49 jurisdictions.

Developing strategy for launching and growing clients’ businesses in new jurisdictions TURN-KEY, including all legal, administrative and financial objectives, as well as administration, remote management, staffing, team outsourcing and ensuring compliance with the target industry requirements. Our experts’ highest professional skills enabled them to address these issues frequently ahead of the schedule, saving big money for the client companies (in some projects, the progress was 11 months ahead of the schedule with the savings of 3.5 million Euros of resources freed. Efficient business models implemented at the launch time allow the client company to become self-sustainable and make it more attractive for prospective investors.

Organizing and conducting audit, financial and legal due diligence of affiliates, projects, assets to be purchased or sold, interacting with consultants and administrators throughout the world (including Baker Tilly International, etc.), and shareholder consultations on the group M&A and IPO issues. The strategies developed by our experts often act as the ground for a solid investment proposal, for example, direct profit from selling some Russian operations for an IT holding exceeded the founders’ estimates by 12 million Euro.

Management and protection of intellectual property both in Russia and internationally, as well as in target jurisdictions (49 countries in total), including registration and protection of trademarks, patents, know-how, acquiring the necessary licenses, building a strategy for working with assets in the area of intellectual property, including structuring and distribution of the assets, licensing and sub-licensing agreements within the holding and achieving a generally favorable and structured tax climate. Legal and administrative support of transactions involving intellectual property.

Projects in the area of real estate development, raising investment and engaging specific partners before the project begins; increasing investment attractiveness of the project; preparing the package of documents for prospective partners, including compliance, legal issues, due diligence.

Control over development and promotion of local Web sites in 49 countries, with the aim of promoting client’s brand and developing a comprehensive marketing campaign to achieve the client’s target performance figures, given the specifics of the local markets (USA, India, China, Italy, Turkey, UAE, and others).

Designing new business development strategies in the area of construction, highway engineering, improvement of large industrial facilities and enterprises, cultural and social institutions. TURN-KEY implementation of projects for expansion of the customer base. Providing outsourcing services for immediate management of the company’s operational activities during its restructuring.

Developing cooperation with General Electric (GE) as part of a consortium that allowed Contractor to reach an agreement on some seven key issues that had remained outstanding for more than a year; this step alone saved the company more than $150 million USD in contract deadlines and sanctions prevented. LEXON BLITZ experts successfully resolved a number of disputed questions, including those related to the construction process, human resources and timeframes. This was combined with a successful monitoring, legal and administrative support of customs issues (import of equipment and materials from the USA, Turkey, Switzerland and Finland to Russia).

Administrative and financial management during the construction of Defense Ministry facilities, including the construction and launch of Defense Ministry facilities in Mongolia, with discussion and approval of the said events at meetings at GlavVoenStroy (Chief Military Construction Department) of –Mongolian People’s Republic. Building and commissioning facilities TURN-KEY, coordinating the activities of all subcontractors, search and placement of all workers and engineering staff. Reviewing and making decisions on social issues with the aim of improving the working and housing conditions and reducing staff churn at remote sites, housing foreign specialists and management.

Providing consultations during construction of mining factories, hotels, communications hubs, shopping centers, residential units, carpet and dairy factories, and others.

Expert involvement and administration during the construction of a cement factory in Khutul and a coal strip mine in Baganur. Designing a list of construction and commissioning activities, while coordinating the work of all subcontractors and monitoring the performance of the activities, including:
  • Preparing provisional commissioning and final commissioning documents at the level of inter-governmental committees taking part in the sign-in procedure;
  • Verifying design specifications and estimates and making adjustments if necessary, together with design institutes;
  • Introducing MIS (ASU – automatic operational system) systems in construction.

Providing solutions to various issues in the area of taxation, including development of an international structure, optimizing taxation in large holding groups, ensuring transparency and compliance for the audit and IPO purposes, and for meeting strict local regulations in certain jurisdictions, such as the USA.

Advising and managing various media projects, including organization of fashion weeks in Russia, Armenian Fashion Week, Estet jewelry house fashion week. Addressing all legal issues, monitoring contracts, selecting and arranging sites, events, announcements, public relations and securing celebrity involvement in the events.